I met Brad …

I finally met one of my Gurus of tiny living. I went to Texas last year and met Brad and stayed in one of his tiny houses. I was in love – with the house – and cried when I realized I was somewhere others didn’t think I was nuts. I miss that tiny house every day and am saddened to think people still cannot grasp that what I most want is peace and simplicity in life.


New Dream House …

Not too long ago I found Wooden Wonders in Maine and am investigating how to build my own shire.

My Dream House

A house can be your home or your prison. It can be attainable or something you spend your life longing for. A house can be cheap or expensive and neither may be what you think.

Jay Shafer and Brad Kittell are my small house gurus (and yes I am Christian and use the word guru).

My dream house is Jay’s B-53 made like Brad does with all reclaimed materials.

Alyson and Kissimee

Alyson and Kissimee

My favorite saddle donkey and my favorite daughter (chuckle – my only daughter) together at Gramma’s

Hello world!

So maybe I can intrigue you all to follow me on a journey to find my dreamz.


I have been told that God knows where I am supposed to be, trouble is he hasn’t told me. I have also been told that as long as one is being effective while awaiting a big revelation that’s good to. I don’t know what I think, except I don’t wanna go against God. And unless you are an atheist – or unbeliever (notice I didn’t say non-believer b/c even atheists believe in something) – you understand why.


So here’s a blog to get what I think OUT of my head and into the world.